Message from the President of the
Free State Golf Union

  • August 17, 2020
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JULY 2020

Golf is back, and all our Clubs are open….

A big thank you to GolfRSA, the PGA of SA and the Sunshine Tour that has made this all possible with their relentless and selfish efforts that paid off and opened golf. It is truly very exciting times that we live in, some say also a little bit scary but we all know that we will return to normal times.

Our World has changed a lot around us, but it is certainly not going to get us down nor are we going to stop fighting for what we are used to…

The great news is that we can play golf again, as we are still facing difficult and unprecedented times. When times like this happens you see the true color of people, and I must say that these times has definitely brought out the best in the golfing community in the Free State.

In the midst of all of this, I am very proud to be part of the Free State Golf Union and the general golfing community in our Union. I can only thank all the Executive Members for assisting with communicating all the information to our Clubs, and a big thank you must go to Christo and Ina in the office for keeping everybody informed about what is happening with golf in general.

The biggest thank you must go to our Clubs for been diligent and committed to golf in the Union, and for the way that they are protecting their Clubs and Members in these times I salute you all. I have had a lot of positive communication with Club Managers and Members since the start of the lockdown, and even now since the resumption of golf, the general feeling is that the times are tough but everybody is fighting for better times.

I feel very sorry for our Provincial Golfers that all the Inter-Provincial Tournaments (IPT’s) were cancelled for the rest of the year, especially for our Junior Golfers that finish school this year and was due to play in their first IPT. We all know that these tournaments will return next year, and we will make sure that we are prepared for them. All Free State Provincial Tournaments are currently on hold, but we will send out a new schedule as soon as we get the go ahead from GolfRSA that competitive tournament golf can resume. Until such time when tournaments can restart, please support your local Club and play as much golf as possible.

Another big thank you must go to all our Golfers that made the effort to pay their Membership fees to their Clubs, we as a Union has received just over 50% of affiliation fees due. As mentioned in my previous newsletter during April of this year, the Free State Golf Union is obliged to honor the Constitution of GolfRSA and SAGA and according to that we as a Union is obliged to pay over to GolfRSA affiliation fees that has been received and will be received from Clubs when it becomes due. We have paid over all the monies received to SAGA, so please be so kind and sort out your fees with your Clubs so that we can be in good standing with GolfRSA and SAGA.

Thank you very much for your support during these difficult times, please stay safe and protect yourselves and your Families.


Nicky Nel

President – Free State Golf Union